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Beware the Warthog!


We are an award winning creative agency that makes media, strategizes campaigns and designs interactive experiences.

We bring stories to life with a commitment toward understanding an issue, brand, or movement. We make stories that can be watched on screens, played on devices, and explored interactively. We have a diverse background in documentary, advocacy, education, marketing, art, comics, design and interactive technologies. We have won Emmys, been nominated for an Indie Cade Award, and have shown our stories around the world in festivals, museums and rural villages.


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Beware the Warthog!

Those who tell the stories rule the world. - Hopi proverb

In today's new media market, a stampede of warthogs overwhelms and surpasses the traditional lions of old media.  Like the wily warthog, we tenaciously challenge the status quo. We are a lean, nimble and adaptive agency with a diverse background in television, documentary, advocacy, education, marketing, art, design and interactive technologies.  We like to break creative boundaries with innovative individuals, businesses and organizations.

What's our story?

Great stories happen to those who can tell them. - Ira Glass, This American Life

Namibia is an African country where OKAHANDJA 90's creative director, Kelly Kowalski, lived and worked for over a decade. Okahandja is one of Namibia's small towns, 90 kilometers north of its capital. It's reminiscent of an open road where warthogs roam free. OKAHANDJA 90 is all about unchartered territories, new adventures and exciting innovations in storytelling. 


Why stories?

Stories are the communal currency of humanity.Tahir Shah, In Arabian Nights

Media connects communities everywhere, giving us a greater understanding of our place in the world. Our work advocates for stories that enlighten, entertain, and educate. Stories helps us navigate our complex world and give meaning to our lives. We believe everybody's story is important. We value taking time to get to know you and your story, the people or communities you and your story serve, and the best way to capture and tell your story - around the campfire, through social media, on a poster, projected on a big screen, played on a mobile device or interacted in virtual reality?  Are you ready to share you story?


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