If you had a chance to talk to a Ju/'hoansi Bushman in the Kalahari Desert, what would you say? ASK A BUSHMAN is an interactive digital web series that travels to another corner of the world for a conversations that sheds preconceptions, bridges divides and tears down the Tower of Babel. Genetics prove the San Bushmen are our original ancestors and history shows their culture as the most sustainable. Why not get some pointers from them to address the challenges of modern survival?

ASK A BUSHMAN posits video questions from the West to indigenous communities in southern Africa, who give responses documentary-style, and in turn ask their own questions back to the online global community. ASK A BUSHMAN is a fun, spontaneous approach to the universal questions we face in our daily lives – what do you eat, who is your best friend, how do you make a living, who do you pray to, and what makes you happy? Join the conversation! Celebrate our diversity! Embrace our shared humanity!




In Development