Kevin Spacey's Lecture: It's Creative, Stupid!

Kevin Spacey gave an inspiring lecture this past week at the Edinburgh International Television Festival imploring the media industry to take more creative risks, support emerging talent, and appeal not only to the pulse of audiences, but to their minds as well. He wants the money folks to stop playing it safe, as they can afford to lose a little and embrace total abandonment to discover the next creative pathfinders that shape this industry. Well put Mr. Spacey!

Since I shared my last post about my disappointment in "cookie cutter" documentaries, there has been a lively conversation on LinkedIn about this very topic. Somehow there is this mentality that executives and broadcasters can only feed us "fast food" entertainment because that is what audiences crave. But I believe we don't have to feast on a limited menu of media entertainment and there are a plethora of dishes to be savored by a variety of tastes. With a limited menu, how would we know if we liked some new exotic dish? As Spacey says, we didn't know we wanted the Ford motor car or Apple products until they were made. Who knows what the next creative risk or experiment will be in the media industry unless we give emerging and experienced artists the freedom to create. A culture of total creative abandonment gives filmmakers the environment to shape the next big thing, it gives audiences quality, and studios money. Everybody wins! Right?

Watch Mr. Spacey It's Creative, Stupid lecture here: