"Capitalism is the biggest game in the world. Everyone plays it every day. And Fort McMurray is the most capitalist city in the world." - David Dufresne

Fort McMoney is a docugame that explores the landscape, people and issues of Fort McMurray, Canada, the largest industrial site on the planet and the world's third largest petroleum reserve. It is both a documentary and a game that explores what creator David Dufrense calls “a very complicated world, a very secret world, a city of complexities.” Some call this complexity of wealth, the resource curse, the paradox that places rich with an abundance of natural resources tend to suffer from more social, economic and environmental problems. Fort McMoney is one among many growing number of interactive documentary storiesWith Fort McMoney, you can watch up to eight hours of video but to progress through the story, you have to make decisions about the story world and the real world. Players can interview residents, discuss issues from economic prosperity to prostitution, and vote on referendums covering refinery expansion and support for social services. Read more here: http://nyti.ms/1iIAsAm or better yet start playing: http://www.fortmcmoney.com/#/fortmcmoney.