R. A. Montgomery was doing interactive back in the 70's. Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure children's novels? The fields of journalism and documentary are following Montgomery's lead, the way youth culture brought back 80s fashion and music and magically made it hip. The newsgame ReBuilding Haiti asks you, the reader, to do the task at hand, choosing reconstruction options four years after the earthquake, and learning along the way. Like real life, things don't always work out the way you would like. It's not about making wrong choices, as much hard choices. The Pixel Hunt is one entity behind it, and because the producers are French - as most funded interactive media-makers are these days - it's a fun read to have the English web translator explain their thoughts behind its making. Better yet, those same humble Frenchmen give another example of a worthwhile newsgame the refugee challenge produced by The Guardian. Long gone are the days of childhood adventures where you slay dragons and travel outer space, dear reader. As an adult you must make more critical decisions - even if virtual - as to how you will escape Syria with your two children. Where will the journey take you?