SETISODES is a documentary shorts series that explores the research work and latest findings of S.E.T.I. (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) scientists as they explore and explain the origin and nature of the universe. Each episode is 3-5 minutes for mobile platforms with links to exploratory virtual reality landscapes related to each episode. 

SETISODES is rich with strong visual effects, lively and quirky interviews, easily understood narratives, archive and pop culture footage, and other documentary scenes that create an engaging, thought-provoking story. The series deciphers scientific thought and enquiry into a contemporary story, using simplified language and bite-sized concepts for a general audience. The style of the series is punchy, hip and intelligent, aiming to make science fun, research relatable, and scientists human!


The SETI Institute

The Underground Engine


Put A Ring On It:  Does Saturn have a long or short term commitment with its rings? Take a trip on the Cassini spacecraft with scientist Matthew Tiscanero and plunge into the rings of Saturn to find out how scientist are determining if the planet’s ringsare the same age as the 4.5 billion year old planet, or have they had a shorter term relationship? Related VR content allows viewers to be inside the landscape of the icy layered rings to explore the different theories of their origin. 

How Not to Die on Mars: Scientist Pascal Lee gets down to the nitty gritty of real survival on Mars. This episodes explores our human vulnerabilities as we land on the virtual surface of Mars and actually see what planetary and geological forces we are up against in our effort to stay alive there. Related VR content allows viewers to explore the surface of Mars, and its varied landscapes, without dying!

Are We Alone?:  Scientist Nathalie Cabrol talks numbers and statistics, not on any ordinary spreadsheet, but rather within the spread of 93 billion light years across our universe. This episode takes a look at the latest technologies of telescopes and how scientists determine where to look for life elsewhere in our incredible expanse. Related VR content allows viewers to travel through the orders of magnitude of our universe from a fly on a wall on our home planet outward bound to the edges as we know it.


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