The Coffee Trust is a non-profit organization working with coffee farmers in Central America to overcome poverty. OKAHANDJA 90 provided communication, marketing and fundraising strategies to enhance community engagement, raising awareness by connecting coffee consumers to coffee producers.


Documentary Shorts, Animation, Website Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Copywriting, Newsletters, Blogging, Fundraising and Social Media Content Creation and Strategy.

"The people behind OKAHANDJA 90 tell stories that make people care. I worked with Kelly Kowalski whose creativity and enthusiasm are explosive. She filmed for me in a remote, indigenous region of Guatemala where people are shy and trust is rare. The people there opened their hearts to Kelly, not because she has some technique as much as she is genuine and sincere in her respect for the people she films. In the non-profit world, process is as important as product, and OKAHANDJA 90 does a good job at both. They got the job done with great respect for the people we serve." - Bill Fishbein, The Coffee Trust


Global coffee earnings reach over $60 billion annually. Yet the Ixil Region of Guatemala, a coffee producing community, has a poverty rate of over 90%.

Daily cooking by fire inside rural homes in Guatemala is equivalent to mothers and children smoking three packs of cigarettes per day.